Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar In Stock!





        Western Red Cedar is generally straight grained and has a uniform but rather coarse texture.  It has very low shrinkage.  This species is lightweight, moderately soft, low in strength when used as a beam or posts, and low in shock resistance.  The heartwood is very resistant to decay.            

            Western red cedar is used principally for shingles, lumber, poles, posts, and piles.  The lumber is used for exterior siding, decking, interior woodwork, greenhouse construction, ship and boat building, boxes, crates, sashes and doors.



  • 5/4X4 & 5/4x6 Clear & Knotty
  • 4X4X8’,10’,12’ Clear & Knotty
  • 2X2 Balusters
  • 2X4 Rails

Prefinishing available


  • Perfections, R&R’s & Tapersawns                        


  • 4”X4” thru 24”X24” – (6’-36’ long)


  • 1/2X4,6,8 WRC, CVG, Aye,Bee
  • 1/2X6 WRC, PFJ, Rustics
  • 3/4X10 WRC
  • T&G and shiplap patterns available in all grades

Prestaining available


  • 1X4 thru 1X12 WRC A&Btr
  • 5/4X4 thru 5/4X12 WRC A&Btr
  • 2X4 thru 2X12 WRC  A&Btr


Pre-priming available