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Alaskan Yellow Cedar Lumber

cedar edit resizeAlaskan Yellow-Cedar (AYC) is a species of cypress grown on the west coast from Oregon to southern Alaska in the higher elevations. AYC is known for it's natural beauty and strength. It is a slow growing tree with grain so tight that it can require a magnifying glass to count the growth rings. AYC is a popular choice for outdoor projects such as roofing, siding and decking due to its workability and decay resistence.


  • Heavy, dense and strong
  • Natural oils and tannins inhibit mold and decay
  • Naturally fades to a silver-gray patina
  • Straight grain patterns
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Suitable for exterior environment

Alaskan CedarRoofing Shingles
  • R&R's
  • Perfections
  • Tapersawns
  • Heavy Hand Split

  • 5/4 x 6 Clear C & Btr. KD S4S