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Armor Coat™ Paulownia Finger Jointed Primed Trim

PaulowinaThe best value available in primed trim, both in quality and natural resistances.

Paulownia is a fast growing hardwood known for it's stability and workability. It is lightweight, strong and highly resistant to warping, splitting and cracking. It has a naturally high level of tannins providing a chemical-free resistant to insects and decay.

A multi-coat priming process is used to protect Armor Coat™ Paulownia trim boards. It begins with an oil primer base followed by a bright white acrylic latex prime coat. The finished board is exceptionally smooth and even with two usable faces. It is ideal for exterior trim and fascia, while also being suitable for interior use.

  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Decay resistant
  • 10-year Manufacturers Limited Warranty